Saturday, March 31, 2012

Celebrate Good Times {Come On, Let's Celebrate} Blog Hop FREEBIE!

We're celebrating this month at theStudio! It's been three years since Toiny has taken over (and almost that long that I've been designing for her team)! To kick-off our month long celebration we have put together a Blog Hop!!!! So, without any further's my part!


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Sunday, March 25, 2012

That Man of Mine

I am so far behind on blogging about some of my new stuff - I am so sorry I haven't been on top of this! I've been super busy working on a HUGE 30th birthday party for my husband. It was last night and it was perfect! He had a blast, enjoyed some beer and drank in his 30th year. I used this kit to create some fun hybrid elements for the party, but I was so busy, I forgot to take pictures!

That Man of Mine was inspired by my husband - things he likes and does. It's by no means comprehensive of who he is, but it's what I needed for the party and the pictures we took!

It's still on sale for a couple more days - 25% off! 

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Scrapping Inspiration

I spent a lot of time in February scrapping. I just placed a big order of layouts and can't wait for them to get here! I finally finished my 2009 album and am thrilled to be one year closer to caught up! Here are some layouts for inspiration!

First 2 layouts for CT work...

Credit: Beautiful You by Scrappy Cocoa Template: Tempted 10 Things (coming soon) by Nibbles Skribbles

Credit: X Marks the Spot by Scrappin' Serenity
Credit: Sunshine by SuzyQ Scraps 
Credit: Island Splash by the Wonder Girls, Crafty White Alpha by Miss Tiina, Template by Scrappy Cocoa
Credit: Galactic Alliance by Brittish Designs, It's Your Birthday by CathyK Designs, Template by Mandagirl 
Credit: Giving Thanks by Victoria Feemster 
Credit: Happy Snapper by Captivated Visions 
Credit: My Wittle Boy (coming soon) by Nibbles Skribbles
Template: Tempted Little Bits by Nibbles Skribbles (coming soon)
Credit: January 365 by Digilicious Designs (including Painted Krafts and Alpha Add On), Template by Scrappy Cocoa 
Credit: Confetti & Cucakes by Scrap Orchard Designers Template by Scrappy Cocoa 
Credit: Autumn Memories (From The Digi Files 21) by Melissa Bennett, Kraft Paper by Nibbles Skribbles, Stick 'Em Up Alpha by Sweet Digi Scraps, Template by MandaGirl 
Credit: Splendor by Mye De Leon, Template by Cindy Schneider 
Credit: The Three Rs by Threeology 
Credit: Santa Brings Goodies by Studio Girls, Template by Cindy Schneider 
Credit: Template by Janet Phillips, Kits: All Wrapped Up and Christmas Punch by Sweet Digi Scraps 
Credit: SYTYCD Week 2 by Flergs, Template by Mandagirl 
Credit: Birds & Bees by Krystal Hartley (From The Digi Files 15), Template by Mandagirl 
Credit: I Love Cocoa by KCroninBarrow from The Digi Files 24

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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Someone I Love

Just over a year ago, my little brother enlisted in the US Army National Guard. This was life changing not only for him, but for me as well. I've always been a proud American, but having my brother in the military put a whole new meaning behind every news bit about anything related to our troops. Additionally, I had to explain to my son, 5 at the time, what the army was and why his uncle wasn't around anymore was hard. My son developed a love for all things army and was thrilled when Grandma got him a pair of ACU's (fatigues) to wear! We were so lucky, and my brother got a leave after boot camp and flew in the day my son was born last June (they came straight  from the airport to the hospital to meet baby Skribbles).

Since my brothers decision, I have pictures to scrap featuring Someone I Love who serves in the US Military, and I needed the perfect kit to scrap those photos - so I designed Someone I Love to allow me to do that. This kit is the perfect mix of patriotic goodies and a rustic military feel. If you too have someone you love serving or know someone who has, this kit is a must have!

There are some additional goodies to go with it, as well as a bundle of everything

With such a specific theme, not all Skribblers had photos to scrap, but Noelle and Rolaine have shared layouts featuring someone they love!

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