Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fall Carnival - Blog Train Blog {Freebie}

This month, the Blog Train Blog is a fun Fall Carnival themed kit, and I have a little addition for you! There are 100 stops on this train - so that's bound to be one HUGE collection!

If you're following the train, you arrived here from Lizard Dau Designs and should head to JennCK Designs next. If you get lost, stop by the Blog Train Blog to get the full list of all participating designers.

Alright, here is my part - 3 papers and 5 elements. Enjoy!

Direct Download - bit.ly used to track clicks

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Me Time - theStudio Blog Train

Choo-Choo!!! Welcome to theStudio's "Me Time" Blog Train!! I know you've all been waiting for the blog trains to make a reappearance!! Many of theStudio's Designers have gotten together to give you guys a wonderful treat as a thank you for being such awesome customers & members! 

We had this awesome theme and color palette to work with!! These mini-kits are all about the things mom's love to do when the kids are away. Kids will be starting to go back to school in many places (although in others, they are just getting out) and many moms are going to have a little more "Me Time!"

If you get lost on the train, please come back here. This post will have all of the stops along the way! I will be sure to edit this as I learn of any late additions! Keep in mind, we are an international team at theStudio and posts may not be up yet! All posts should be live and roaring soon! 

Here are all of the stops along the way: 

Nibbles Skribbles - www.nibblesskribbles.com **YOU ARE HERE***
DarleneH Designs - http://darlenedesigns.blogspot.com
AnDi Designs - http://andreaditonno.blogspot.com
Twin Mom Scraps - http://twinmomscraps.blogspot.com
Kimberkatt Scraps - http://kimberkattscraps.wordpress.com/
Linda Cumberland Designs - http://linda-scrappingcorner.blogspot.com/
Let Me Scrapbook - http://letmescrapbook.blogspot.com/
JW-DigiScraps - http://www.jwdigiscraps.com
Digilicious Designs - http://digilicious.typepad.com/digi_licious_designs/
Cathy Cher & Ellen Massey - http://scrapsationalscraps.blogspot.com
Angel Hartline Designs - http://angelhartline.com/blog/
Deli Scraps by Min - http://deliscraps.blogspot.com/


And finally, here is my part! Enjoy! 

This Freebie is Expired. You might be able to find it in one of my stores! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I’m having a “I’m  Moving” sale!  Check out the GREAT deals going on in my stores!!!!!

Moving Flyer

The Studio HERE

Scrapable HERE

Monday, August 23, 2010

Just saying hello....

I am actually really surprised and pleased at how normal our meals this week will be, despite creating a meal plan to clean out as much as we can from cupboards and the fridge and choosing meals that use the same types of cookware. 

We'll be eating 
Scrambled Eggs and French Toast Sticks
Teriyaki Stir Fry and Chicken Strips
Steak Bites and Baked Potatoes
Chicken Fajitas
Leftovers from above meals and anything else laying around the fridge. 

Our last night in this house (August 30) will be a pizza picnic in a furniture-less, entertainment-less apartment before sleeping on air beds for the night.

Things are slowly coming together for us though. We have this week to finish getting everything cleaned up and packed up. Sunday is the big day, we are moving 97% of our belongings into 3 different storage locations. On the 31 at 10:30 am we turn in our keys and head out. Adam and I will be staying with my mom for a day, going on a short trip to visit my grandparents and goddaughters and one more night with my mom. Mike will be staying with his mom and working - then Friday the 3 (Labor Day Weekend) we'll be moving into a hotel for 5 days so we can be together as a family. We plan to attend the Minnesota State Fair that weekend - which should be fun! The 7th is Adam's birthday, and we'll do something fun to celebrate - then the 8th is move-in day and we will finally get the keys to our new place and start our new lives there! 

So, I am still 'on break' here for another couple of weeks, but I hope to find some time to get some designing done while I am in the hotel with nothing else to do! So hopefully, in September I will have some awesome new stuff for you! I miss you all so much! Keep your eyes here for a big Sale announcement later this week too! 

Hope everyone out there is doing well! 

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey everyone! I miss you all like crazy! I miss scrapping, designing, spending time checking out the forums and blogs and all that jazz. Things are really crazy here in my world! But crazy in a good, wonderful better than ever way!

So, last week I was packing in my sons room and found even more MOLD (did I mention this yet, not sure) and reported it immediately (which was easier said than done, since our printer died and I needed to get a letter printed....). It was pretty late in the day, around 5 pm so the office wouldn't do anything since pretty much everyone had gone home for the day.

The next morning, we (my hubbo and I) went in to the office to find out what was going on. They hadn't responded to our previous letter and we were getting M-A-D about all of the mold - if we'd found it in two places, how many more had it that we couldn't see? Well, they responded with a letter that said that we would be released from our lease contract on August 31 at noon!!!!!!!!!

This put things into gear for us, we now had a date and needed a plan - we arranged for places to put all of our stuff and moved from preparing to move to full out packing and getting ready. We started doing the cleaning that goes with leaving a rental and moving as much as we could into our storage unit.

As we sit right now, we are about 74% packed - and of the items packed most has been moved to our garage and is awaiting moving day. Each day I am trying to get a few more projects done. Currently I am working on packing up the kitchen and cleaning out all the cupboards in there.

Our agenda for the next few weeks looks something like this

Pack, Clean, Pack, Clean. Move, Clean.

Adam and I will be staying with my mom from the 30-3 with a small overnight trip planned to visit my god-daughters. Mike will be staying with his mom those days, and the three of us will re-unite on the 3 at a hotel for the last 5 days before the new house is ready for us.

I haven't found any time to scrap or design with the exception of store mega kit contributions, but am hoping that next week I will have a little time to play around since the goal is to be packed to a point where all we have to do is load up, move out and clean under and around all the stuff that was in the way.

So, that's my update! Watch for a big MOVING sale soon! (Like, as soon as I can get a flyer made!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

A Little Break

Hey Everyone! I miss you all! Things in my Real Life world are a little crazy right now, I have already told you about our mold problem and I can't go into to many details in such a public place - but just so you know we are taking action to move out of our apartment.

There are two different scenarios and each will play out in a very different way. We could be moving in about 8 days, or we could be staying here for another 2 months. It's all dependent on what happens between now and Friday. If we do move next week, we will be moving into a hotel room for the remainder of the month and all of our belongings will be going into storage - it's sheer insanity in my world right now!

So, if you're the praying type, please pray things go the way I need them to for the safety of my family. Otherwise, a few crossed fingers and toes would be very helpful. I am taking a short break right now from digi-land, sadly, because I have to get my entire life packed up on the chance we're able to move next week.

I'll be back though, so watch for that - I promise big sales and fun when I return!



Monday, August 2, 2010

Grand Opening!

It's not a new grand opening, but it's a fun one! Did you hear the news? theStudio is now two stores in one! A commercial use store and a personal use store! And August is the Grand Opening celebration for the Commercial Use store - which is brand new!

To celebrate....

I have decided to leave my July CU grab bag up awhile longer as part of the celebration and watch for an August mini bag coming soon! 

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lil' Bots

So, before I share my newest creation with you - I thought I'd update since my last post. After further research, it seems as though we're stuck for at least 14 days from Friday (when I submitted the mold in writing) for them to fix it. We do have a buy out option that we are very, very seriously considering. However, this means we're stuck for at least 3 more months due to the policy guidelines. We will still be pushing and working to find a way to get out with the least expense possible - but we don't think that will happen....so watch for my MOLD sale coming soon!

Anyways, enough of that - check out my new kit Lil' Bots - many of you saw this on Facebook last week when you helped me name it, and it's in stores now!

Check out some Skribbler layouts - if you want to see full sized ones, head to Facebook!

Lil' Bots is available at theStudio and Scrapable - you might even find it on sale!