Monday, August 23, 2010

Just saying hello....

I am actually really surprised and pleased at how normal our meals this week will be, despite creating a meal plan to clean out as much as we can from cupboards and the fridge and choosing meals that use the same types of cookware. 

We'll be eating 
Scrambled Eggs and French Toast Sticks
Teriyaki Stir Fry and Chicken Strips
Steak Bites and Baked Potatoes
Chicken Fajitas
Leftovers from above meals and anything else laying around the fridge. 

Our last night in this house (August 30) will be a pizza picnic in a furniture-less, entertainment-less apartment before sleeping on air beds for the night.

Things are slowly coming together for us though. We have this week to finish getting everything cleaned up and packed up. Sunday is the big day, we are moving 97% of our belongings into 3 different storage locations. On the 31 at 10:30 am we turn in our keys and head out. Adam and I will be staying with my mom for a day, going on a short trip to visit my grandparents and goddaughters and one more night with my mom. Mike will be staying with his mom and working - then Friday the 3 (Labor Day Weekend) we'll be moving into a hotel for 5 days so we can be together as a family. We plan to attend the Minnesota State Fair that weekend - which should be fun! The 7th is Adam's birthday, and we'll do something fun to celebrate - then the 8th is move-in day and we will finally get the keys to our new place and start our new lives there! 

So, I am still 'on break' here for another couple of weeks, but I hope to find some time to get some designing done while I am in the hotel with nothing else to do! So hopefully, in September I will have some awesome new stuff for you! I miss you all so much! Keep your eyes here for a big Sale announcement later this week too! 

Hope everyone out there is doing well! 


  1. Fingers crossed that everything goes well for your move!

  2. Good luck, Manda, hope everything so as smoothly as possible in these next few weeks for you!


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