Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey everyone! I miss you all like crazy! I miss scrapping, designing, spending time checking out the forums and blogs and all that jazz. Things are really crazy here in my world! But crazy in a good, wonderful better than ever way!

So, last week I was packing in my sons room and found even more MOLD (did I mention this yet, not sure) and reported it immediately (which was easier said than done, since our printer died and I needed to get a letter printed....). It was pretty late in the day, around 5 pm so the office wouldn't do anything since pretty much everyone had gone home for the day.

The next morning, we (my hubbo and I) went in to the office to find out what was going on. They hadn't responded to our previous letter and we were getting M-A-D about all of the mold - if we'd found it in two places, how many more had it that we couldn't see? Well, they responded with a letter that said that we would be released from our lease contract on August 31 at noon!!!!!!!!!

This put things into gear for us, we now had a date and needed a plan - we arranged for places to put all of our stuff and moved from preparing to move to full out packing and getting ready. We started doing the cleaning that goes with leaving a rental and moving as much as we could into our storage unit.

As we sit right now, we are about 74% packed - and of the items packed most has been moved to our garage and is awaiting moving day. Each day I am trying to get a few more projects done. Currently I am working on packing up the kitchen and cleaning out all the cupboards in there.

Our agenda for the next few weeks looks something like this

Pack, Clean, Pack, Clean. Move, Clean.

Adam and I will be staying with my mom from the 30-3 with a small overnight trip planned to visit my god-daughters. Mike will be staying with his mom those days, and the three of us will re-unite on the 3 at a hotel for the last 5 days before the new house is ready for us.

I haven't found any time to scrap or design with the exception of store mega kit contributions, but am hoping that next week I will have a little time to play around since the goal is to be packed to a point where all we have to do is load up, move out and clean under and around all the stuff that was in the way.

So, that's my update! Watch for a big MOVING sale soon! (Like, as soon as I can get a flyer made!)

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  1. So happy to hear that you have finally been released from the lease. Take care of yourselves now.


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