Saturday, March 26, 2011

Eggstatic about these Layouts!

The Skribblers did some awesome work with Eggstatic! I am so excited to share some of these layouts with you today!

Layout by Deanna

Layout by Mercedes

Layout by Christie Dawn

Layouts by Noelle

Seriously! Love!

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Eggstatic! {Freebie}

I am really excited to bring you a fun, springy, eastery kit today! It's another collab with the beautiful and amazing Scrappy Cocoa! It's called Eggstatic and it's huge!

First we have the kit itself

and tons of add on goodies: 

and of course, for those of you who need it all, we have the bundle! 

I'll swing in tomorrow and post some CT layouts, today I wanted to share a fun freebie with you! Printable mini candy bar wrappers - perfect for a spring candy dish or an upcoming easter basket....

PS: Rumor has it that Steph might have a freebie for you too

PPS: The Mr. Skribbles Birthday Sale is in it's last day, hurry over to get 29% off Nibbles Skribbles goodies, excluding collabs and bundles :D 

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Skribbles! SALE!

Alright, I'm a day early on this, but I wanted to make sure to give you all the time you needed to get some shopping done! My husband, Mr. Skribbles (he came up with that nick name himself) is celebrating a birthday this week, and I wanted to celebrate too by putting both my Personal Use and Commercial Use stores on sale! Today through Friday you can save 29% on just about everything (bundles and collabs excluded)!

I also wanted to share with you three sneak peeks. These kits are all coming out in the next week or so! I'm really excited about these releases too! 

Collab Coming March 25

Collab Coming March 30

Collab Coming Soon

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Girl Thing {Freebie}

A few weeks, maybe a month ago, I asked my Facebook Fans what they wanted to see in a kit and the answer was a little girl kit with no pink. The colors green, blue and purple were thrown out and after playing around, I came up with A Girl Thing! I hope it meets the needs of all you scrappers with little girls who just can't scrap another pink page!

With the help of my Skribblers, I created not only a beautiful (rather large) kit but a few add ons for you too. Check out all of the products in this line - and if you love them all, snag the bundle!

$3.99 $3.19
Save: 20% off

$1.99 $1.59
Save: 20% off

$2.49 $1.99
Save: 20% off

$2.49 $1.99
Save: 20% off

$10.96 $5.99
Save: 45% off

$3.99 $2.99
Save: 25% off

And of course, a little Skribbler inspiration for you...

2 page layout by Mercedes

I did a little hybrid project (pencil holder)

and one by Steph

And, if you made it this far I want to give you a little something something....a fun cluster frame made with A Girl Thing - it comes in three versions, one with each of the different skin toned dollies :D Remember, freebies don't stay free forever!

PS: My newsletter subscribers got a special coupon this week for extra savings on this kit, if you're not signed up you can do so by clicking here so you don't miss out again!

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

March Madness: Join in the fun and WIN BIG!

Do you want a chance to win $5, $10 or $20 to my store? Then just simply play along by submitting your bracket to the Nibbles Skribbles group at Yahoo! Sports. You do not need to know anything about basketball to play along! Simply pick your favorite team names, choose at random or do what I did my first time around and pick by team color! Brackets are due before the first game on Thursday, March 17. 

$40 in prizes will be awarded!
1st Place Bracket: $20
2nd Place Bracket: $10
3rd Place Bracket: $5
$5 will also be awarded to a random participant! 
Join the Nibbles Skribbles Group at Yahoo! Sports

Group ID: 72765

The Fine Print: The brackets, scoring and most communication for this contest are run entirely by Yahoo! Sports Tournament Pick'em. A Yahoo account and acceptance of Yahoo's TOU and Privacy Policy is required to participate. I have no control over what Yahoo! sends you relating to this tournament or future emails. Please make sure that you turn on the ability for people to see your email address or I will have no way of contacting the winners. Dates and time schedule for this contest are determined by Yahoo! Brackets must be submitted before the deadline, which is sometime prior to the first game on Thursday, March 17. The contest is over at the end of the tournament and winners will be announced shortly after. Scoring is also determined by Yahoo! Sports. Scoring for this group is the standard scoring set up by Yahoo! Sports. Nibbles Skribbles and members of the Skribblers may submit a bracket, but will not be eligible for prizes!

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

CT Work: Lavender Daze

When Steph (Scrappy Cocoa) sent me this kit, I immediately dropped everything to play! It just screamed MANDA! In fact, rumor has it she almost called this kit "Manda Daze," but figured that name might not make sense to anyone else!

Check out this lovely kit, it's available at theStudio and at GingerScraps

and here is my layout with this gorgeous kit, I really love the way this turned out

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Friday, March 11, 2011


I'm going to go back and edit the original post about my Hybrid Wall Art with the finished pictures - but I thought I'd share the dried monsters in a new post too!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hybrid Tutorial: Wall Art

I've really been wanting to put something adorable up on the walls in the "kid" bathroom. I was having a hard time deciding what to do, the colors of the bathroom are very bright (blues, greens, yellow) so I knew whatever I picked had to work with that. Finally, I decided: the theme would be monsters and I would Mod Podge monsters onto some painted canvas! 

After deciding how many pieces I wanted in the bathroom (2 larger, 3 smaller) we headed off to Michael's to pick up the supplies. I purchased a 3 pack of 11x14 canvas panel and a 3 pack of 5;x7 canvas panel. (You could also use the wrapped canvas for a thicker piece, but I didn't think a bathroom was the right place for that). We also picked up some acrylic paint in our colors (which we added orange to). 

At home, I went to my CU digi-scrap templates folder, where I knew I had some monsters hanging out and found the In My Closet templates by Americo:

I let Adam help choose which monsters he wanted to use. I had to guide a little because I knew some just would be to difficult to color as simply as I wanted and trim out by hand. We selected these guys (I also made the word ROAR using Alpha #1 by Americo, I just liked how the style really matched the monsters - but any font or alpha would work) 

After picking our creatures, I created a new document the size of my canvas and placed the template on the new document. I then broke the cardinal rule of digital design and enlarged 2 of the images. Normally I would never do such a thing, but for this project I knew I'd be cutting them out and could trim off the fuzzy edges. I also knew I'd be putting liquid on top of the printed files, so any slight pixelation would be covered. 

Next I colored them digitally by flood filling the layers and adding a slight inner style for some shading. Then it was time to print. I chose a resume paper for my printing, it is slightly thicker than standard printer paper and usually has a bit of texture to it which I knew would work well with the painting part later on. (You could also clip papers to the templates, print already created characters from kits - the possibilities are endless).

When it came to printing, 2 of my monsters were bigger than a standard sheet of paper, so I stratigially picked a spot to cut them and printed them on 2 sheets of paper and pieced them back together. You can see the line in one of the photos below, this line will be covered by brush strokes later. 

After trimming all the critters out, I figured out which one I wanted on what background color and painted the canvas's. Then we waited. Impatiently. Once dry, I put a thin coat of Mod Podge on and stuck the monsters down, then carefully put a coat of Mod Podge on top. Then waited again, impatiently for them to dry. During all of this, I didn't think to take photos, I was too excited to get the work done. But imagine me with a paint brush painting colorful backgrounds, then painting again with a thick white substance that looks like glue. 

They looked great when they dried!

Shooting pictures in our tiny not so well lit bathroom was a challenge.....


Price Breakdown: 

3 pack 5x7 Canvas Panels: $2.99 
3 pack 11x14 Canvas Panels: $2.40
4 bottles Acryllic Paint: 4 x $.89 = $3.56

Total: $8.95
Price per Piece: $1.79

I had on hand: Paint brushes, Mod Podge, Command Strips and the digital template pack

**(5.99 Full Price, Paid $3.59 with 40% off coupon and only used 2)

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