Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Girl Thing {Freebie}

A few weeks, maybe a month ago, I asked my Facebook Fans what they wanted to see in a kit and the answer was a little girl kit with no pink. The colors green, blue and purple were thrown out and after playing around, I came up with A Girl Thing! I hope it meets the needs of all you scrappers with little girls who just can't scrap another pink page!

With the help of my Skribblers, I created not only a beautiful (rather large) kit but a few add ons for you too. Check out all of the products in this line - and if you love them all, snag the bundle!

$3.99 $3.19
Save: 20% off

$1.99 $1.59
Save: 20% off

$2.49 $1.99
Save: 20% off

$2.49 $1.99
Save: 20% off

$10.96 $5.99
Save: 45% off

$3.99 $2.99
Save: 25% off

And of course, a little Skribbler inspiration for you...

2 page layout by Mercedes

I did a little hybrid project (pencil holder)

and one by Steph

And, if you made it this far I want to give you a little something something....a fun cluster frame made with A Girl Thing - it comes in three versions, one with each of the different skin toned dollies :D Remember, freebies don't stay free forever!

PS: My newsletter subscribers got a special coupon this week for extra savings on this kit, if you're not signed up you can do so by clicking here so you don't miss out again!

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