Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lil' Bots

So, before I share my newest creation with you - I thought I'd update since my last post. After further research, it seems as though we're stuck for at least 14 days from Friday (when I submitted the mold in writing) for them to fix it. We do have a buy out option that we are very, very seriously considering. However, this means we're stuck for at least 3 more months due to the policy guidelines. We will still be pushing and working to find a way to get out with the least expense possible - but we don't think that will watch for my MOLD sale coming soon!

Anyways, enough of that - check out my new kit Lil' Bots - many of you saw this on Facebook last week when you helped me name it, and it's in stores now!

Check out some Skribbler layouts - if you want to see full sized ones, head to Facebook!

Lil' Bots is available at theStudio and Scrapable - you might even find it on sale! 

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