Friday, July 30, 2010

Mold :(

In the last week or so I have smelled mildew/mold coming from my closet. There were also dark streaks on the wall. So I called maintenace to come in - the finally showed up a day later and told me there was nothing to worry about, they would bring me a fan to make sure it was all dry and then they would repaint next week. I was told to remove all the items from the closet to help it dry faster. As I removed things. I found this:

and this 

and finally, after looking at my belongings - I then found this - these are my wedding shoes and my wedding purse. Things I was saving for obvious sentimental reasons. 

I am devastated. Heartbroken. Upset. Maybe, if this was the first time that a major problem had happened, I wouldn't care as much. But it's not. Not even close. 

In 2008 - we had a leak in the same closet - which resulted in this: 

I haven't taken the time to really dig through my photos, but there is one other water leak, damage to our patio, a broken garage door, broken plants, nails and mess on our patio from construction. It's a nightmare. 

Unfortunately, our lease isn't up until April 30, 2011. I can't handle another 9 months of this place, these problems - I just can't handle it. We are working on finding a way out of our lease, whether a legal reason, or convincing the managers that they should just let us out. If I do stay, EVERY little thing will be reported. Everything. From a tear in our screen door, to loose electrical sockets, to the damage in our tub. I will call weekly with new complaints.


  1. Yikes! I'm so sorry your dealing with that. What a mess. I agree report EVERYTHING and keep records. You don't want them coming and pinning something on you when you do try and leave. Good luck!

  2. That's horrible! I am sooo sorry and can relate. Our wedding book and goblets were stolen from our attic in the process of a move. It's heartbreaking when something so sentimentally precious is taken/ ruined. I hope you can get out of your lease. I don't know where you are, but we had a rental problem a few years ago and contacted a local renters rights group and they were free and very helpful. You may have one around you. Good luck!

  3. Leaks are bad enough; however, mold can cause illness. Sure hope you can get out of there. It does not sound like a safe place to be. Drying out and repainting is just not going to solve the problem, don't let the landlord get away with that.

  4. That totally sucks.... Sorry to see some of your stuff ruined. We kinda had the same problem in our closet but it was our water heater. It ruined the floor and wall and some of my shoes and other things I had on the floor. But we are buying the house so we are stuck with it. I hope they get your closet fixed soon.

  5. Manda, I'm sooooo sorry!! I hope they let out of your lease!!!!

  6. Oh girl, you were telling me about the shoes on twitter {and I love me some shoes} but seeing them....I want to BAWL with you!

    I'm so glad that things are going in a positive direction!


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