Friday, July 23, 2010

Hybrid Travel Journal

Ever since I saw the posts on the "Come Away With Me" Travel Journal by Kim Lund on The Daily Digi, I knew for my next trip, I had to make one. Now, we don't go on many trips - so I didn't know when I'd get the chance, but then my husband surprised me and decided we were going to take a trip for our 2nd Anniversary in August, a nice long weekend together - and I knew I wanted to make the journal for this trip!

I decided to start it now, and fill it with the plans as well as the actual trip - so I hunkered down yesterday to complete the digital pages, using the templates from The Daily Digi. Today I went out to buy the supplies I needed and put the book together.

There are great instructions at The Daily Digi - but I might share some thoughts too. (I used Click by Angel Hartline Designs and JW Digi-Scraps for this project). Also, I didn't take pictures of the process - I was having too much fun, and my fingers were too sticky!

Step One: Go here and read the class and download the prompts.

Step Two: Create your pages (or just print the pre-done pages if you're short on time or creativity.

Step Three: Trim the pages to fit your journal, and start putting them in. I used Mod Podge to adhere the cover and back cover, and used a gluestick to glue the prompts/section pages into the journal.

Step Four: Decorate, if desired: I didn't like the little border of the original book that showed along the spiral edge, so I tied some coordinating ribbons to the spirals to help hide this.

I skipped random numbers of pages between sections, based on how much I thought I might have to add in that section later. I left the "To Do" section the longest. I have already started filling it in with the things we'd like to try and fit in - including phone numbers, addresses and details we might find helpful. When we're there, I can continue filling that section in with the things we did - what we thought etc.

I copied the blurb from the resort we're staying at's web site to include on the where we're staying page, and used their logo as well as the door county logo on the first couple of pages.

I also cut the flap off of an envelope and glued it in the back cover to stick little things I might collect.

I also made a little logo to add to all the pages as well as the cover  - I printed it out on a solid background and put it on the cover of a folder. We'll use this folder to bring all of our confirmation information for things we book in advance, as well as receipts, tickets, brochures and such that we collect while we're gone. It keeps everything together while we're traveling, and helps keep it organized until it gets dealt with when we get home.

Isn't it pretty? This is my first big hybrid attempt - meaning the first thing I did that wasn't just print and go - and I love it! Now I'm off to find something else to ModPodge....or another project i can do!


  1. Oh, this is awesome! Totally in love with it!


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