Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday Letter

Manda -

You have been so crazed lately, and on top of it all you haven't been getting the rest you need to make it through the week. Take a break! I know you have a long weekend ahead of you - and you need to enjoy it. Focus on fun projects and only work on the cleaning/housework crap a little bit. Take a deep breath and just relax! You deserve it.

Sure, there are plenty of things that "need" to get done - but they can wait a day. Today is for you. Catch up on some of your fun projects, enjoy a little creativity. Lounge about in your pajamas 'til noon if you want to and don't let the mess around you get to you. Things are going to remain crazy for the next month or so, so enjoy a little solitude while you have it. You work hard at work and at home and everyone deserves a little me time occasionally. Take yours.


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