Monday, October 6, 2008

[somewhat reluctantly] Jumpin' on the [Holiday] Bandwagon...

Alright, I know I was just bitchin' about the holiday crap out and about in September....but seeing all that stuff has got me thinking about my holiday plans or rather holiday craft plans.

1) Christmas Cards. I typically send out about 50 cards a year. In the past I have created 50 different hand made cards to send out. This year, I am planning on designing 1-2 cards and creating multiple ones. I need to start thinking about what I want to do and watch for sales on supplies.

2) For various extended family members I typically design something for them. Last year I did a set of handmade cards for each person, this year however; I am feeling more digitally capable and am thinking more along the lines of personalized recipe cards.

3) Each year I create 5 handmade photo calendars, it's a lot of work to find 12 months of pictures to use, get them ordered (in the right sizes) and design 5 pages of each month. I might go for a similar look, but I like them all to be a little different. One of the 5 is for me, and I might try my hand at creating mine digitally this year as well. Yikes!

4) I like to come up with a craft project that the little guy can do/help with to make for his Aunts, Uncles and grandparents. Last year we filled little glass ornaments with paint and I let him shake them up to create unique patterns. I then used puff paint to add "2007" to them. They were super cute - I have no idea for this year!

So, that's 4 big projects that I need to complete, at least I have the ideas down so it should be easier to start thinking about what exactly I want to do for them.

Do you get crafty for the holidays, go store bought or do something entirely different? Do share!

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