Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday Fun

The holidays can be fun, but for me it's all about the logistics - which make it stressful, which make it

This Thanksgiving week is going to be a crazy one for our little family. Hopefully we can find some downtime in here to enjoy our weekend.

Wednesday: Manda to mom's to decorate Christmas tree (since she's off and it was a good time for her brothers too) Also clean our house. A lot.

Thursday: 12:00 lunch with Manda's family, 3:00 dinner with Mike's family followed by everyone coming to our house for games and merriment.

Friday: leave at 9 for a long drive and 11:00 lunch, get back to help Mike's mom get her Christmas tree up and decorated, potentially attempt some shopping (if our items are on sale).

Saturday: Probably attempt to get a little shopping done with Mike's brother while he's in town, potentially decorate Mike's mom's tree (if we didn't get back early enough Friday), put up and decorate our tree. Hopefully get Mike's brother to take some family pictures.

Sunday: Start organizing/cleaning preparing for Holiday Baking Extravaganza 2008 next weekend. Finish decorating our house for Christmas as part of this prep work.

Yikes! This year I decided not to make us our own Thanksgiving dinner (for the leftovers) over the weekend. I figure three dinners in 2 days should tide us over. Plus, I don't really feel like putting in all that effort!

Are the holidays a crazy time for you too? Do you travel to see all of your families in a short period of time? It only gets worse when you get married...and divorced parents make it even harder. You think three Thanksgivings is bad - last year we had 8 Christmas's (INSANE!)

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