Friday, January 16, 2009

TGIF, for realz...

This week has been a long one. The longest in a long time...

First, the cold. With temperatures well below zero (my mornings have been starting out at about 20 below with feels like temps of 30 below...) it's no surprise that I've been in a slump all week. Add to that coaching starting up again, this takes away a few nights a week working with high school kids, most of whom are too tired and just don't care to put in any real effort on their speeches; the adreniline and frustration (sorry honey...) of a brand new 46" plasma TV finding it's way into my living room; bad news at work (which lead to a 2 day emotional roller coaster that ended on the up swings but took a lot out of me); a date with friends canceled (and rescheduled); craziness at the office with people not following through on deadlines; the need to get laundry, dishes and other various household chores done but no desire...and you've got a crazy week.

Thankfully, good ole MLK will be celebrated on Monday. I plan to celebrate by taking Adam to school in the morning and just lazing around all day with my husband. This upcoming long weekend is going to go by way too fast, but at least it will bring some relief to this crazy week I've had. I can only hope that next week (and the 49 1/2 to follow this year) is better.

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