Monday, January 26, 2009

What a day!

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Oh Sunday...what a fun day...

Every Sunday morning, after we're all awake, fed and dressed we create a list and head to the grocery store. The earlier the better, I hate it when it's crowded. So yesterday I grabbed my big, fat purple pen and pad of paper and opened the freezer to see what meat we had on hand...only to find that it was slightly smelly, warm and nothing was frozen.

I opened the fridge, yep. Warm. I was really annoyed, but thankful it was shopping day BEFORE shopping time...I called Mike in who helped me realize it wasn't unplugged (the light was working afterall) and that the circuit wasn't as we figured out what freezer items might be salvagable I put a call in to the maintenence guy.

I ran over to my mother in laws to drop off the meat that was still mostly frozen...and was startign to get worried that they wouldn't be able to do anything for us because it was Sunday.

Later, I decided to finish cleaning out all of the spoiling food...when I realized the little dial that determines how cold it should be was turned to "0." I turned it up and the fridge started buzzing right away, problem solved.

When asked if he had anything to do with it, my three-year old told me "Zero's my favorite." And that's that.

Two garbage bags full of ruined food later...we had a fridge and could finally hit the grocery store...

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