Thursday, April 23, 2009

A few things...

So, this morning Mike rushes into the bedroom - "Come here," he said, "you're not going to beiieve it." I hopped up and followed him into the bathroom to find water dripping from the ceiling - puddling around our washer and dryer. A look up at the ceiling explained it - something was leaking and the ceiling was falling apart because of it. The reason he was so sure I wouldn't believe him was because last September the same thing had happened to the ceiling in my closet. Eventually maintenance showed up and discovered it was coming from the third floor apartment (we live on the ground) and stopped the leak...but not before cutting out the ceiling in our bathroom and leaving a huge mess. We have to live with it for a week or so, until it dries out before they replace it. Oh, the joy!

But, on to good news -

First - there is a Speed Scrap this Saturday at Stuff to Scrap

and here's your PP

Next, one of my TT members, Eva, is having a CT call. She was recently invited to sell at Stuff to Scrap when the store opens this summer.

Finally - we are having a HUGE party at Stuff to Scrap for National Scrapbook Day next weekend...,more details to follow.

Stop by the Stuff to Scrap forum to let us know if you'll be at the Speed Scrap and to check out all of our monthly challenges- watch for updates this weekend about all the fun next week leading up to the big event on Saturday the 2nd!

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