Friday, April 17, 2009

Um, gross.

Ok, so I was just in the bathroom at work - and one of the things I hate about public restrooms are the large gaps between the stall door and the stall wall - those gaps that allow you to see other people around in the restroom...anyways, so I sat there doing my thing (TMI, I don't care - not the point!) and was looking out of this annoying gap and saw something that grossed me out.

Something I'm sure I've done - and I bet you've done too.

Two women in a row stepped out of their stalls, walked over to the sink/mirrior and started fixing their hair and adjusting their glasses. Then washed their hands.

Um. Gross.

Isn't the point of washing our hands to prevent those icky potty germs from getting into us? Rubbing your face or running your fingers through your hair seems like a great way to make those dirty germies a part of you.

I stepped out of the stall and washed my hands, before fixing my hair.

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