Friday, July 31, 2009

Buy My Store!

That's right folks, I am offering a GREAT deal on my entire store*! August 22 will be my first wedding anniversary, and I want you to help me celebrate!

Here we are at our wedding about a year ago:

For our anniversary, we have planned a mini-vacation to a city not far from where we live. We splurged on a fun hotel room, and plan to take a Champagne Brunch boat cruise down the St. Croix, tour some local winerys and just enjoy a weekend away together! But, I don't want to keep the celebrating to myself! I want to share my excitement with all of you!

For a mere $22 you can have my entire store, and any new products added between now and September 30! All you have to do is head over to Stuff to Scrap, buy my store and email me a copy of your invoice (email to and I will reply within 2 days with a coupon that you can use twice to get any* and all items in my store at no additional cost! So shop once now, pick up everything you don't have and stop in again in September to pick up anything I've added....but hurry because this is a limited offer and is only valid until August 22!

*CU Licenses not included in the Buy My Store sale

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Hope you have a fantastic time! That pic and layout are just gorgeous!


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