Monday, July 13, 2009

New In Store: Commercial License

I have been asked {a lot} recently about using my templates for commercial purposes. Mostly, designers want to be able to use my templates to create Quick Pages to sell - and I'm happy to oblige!

It works like this: you buy the license, email me your application and I send you a certificate stating that you have the right to use the templates commercially. I do request credit in TOU files with the license, but there is information included on how you can get a no-credit required license if you'd rather. (Double the price - package deal not available - available via email).

You can buy a commercial license for a single template set (4 templates) for 2.50, for a super set (8-10 templates) for $5, or the package deal (4 single sets) for 7.50. Keep in mind that my templates are all very versatile, and can be used multiple times if you flip twist and turn them. Even just one template set (4 templates) could easily be turned into a quick page album and sold for at least the cost of the license, so these prices are a bargin!

Click here to be directed to the commercial license area at Stuff to Scrap - :)

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