Sunday, August 2, 2009

Kites & Bikes & Bikes & Kites

I am sooooo excited about this kit- I think it is absolutely perfect for all those little boy pictures you have laying around....I even threw in a few flowers (and got yelled at by a few people for putting flowers in a boy kit) to make it that much more versatile! What makes this kit even better you ask? Well, it's a collab with Scrappy Cocoa - and her part is equally awesome!

You can find this kit in my store at Stuff to Scrap for $3.99 but because it's a collab, you're going to want to check out this great deal:

Buy my part of Bikes & Kites and get Scrappy Cocoa's for 45% off this week! Included in the download of my portion is a coupon code to pick up Steph's at a discount. IF you don't get around to getting the kit this week, it's OK because the coupon will stay with the kit dropping to 25% off for the future!

Now that I've shown you a sneak peek (isn't that flyer cute?) let me show you the entire kit - it's adorable!

Here's mine

and here's Steph's

I can't wait to show you what my team has done with this kit, and like always we'll have some freebies for you throughout the week - so stop back often to see what goodies are in store for you!

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