Monday, November 16, 2009

Merry Christ Moose Layouts

I am sorry about having to remove the layouts yesterday. I will keep playing around with my action and try to find a way to make it work so the layouts look great! For now, back to the tried and true are some, the rest will follow tomorrow! Scroll down to the previous post to check out the full kit!

Layout by Amber - she also used my "What'd You Say" Set 1 stickers on this layout

Layout by Beth

Layout by Deanna

Layout by Christie Dawn - I am pretty sure that she used Blocked Out template set for the first one, if she didn't, those templates would help you re-create this layout anyways! The second is definately one of my templates from Set 7!

Layout by Donni - She used the same template from Set 7 that Christie used above, amazing how different they layouts look!

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  1. Yes Ma'am I used both your templates on my layouts!! :) Guess I forgot to add that...but figured you'd know your stuff when ya saw it!! Cause it's all AWESOME! LOVE this kit! :)


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