Friday, December 18, 2009

Memory Scrapbooks

I was recently contacted by Memory Scrapbooks and invited to check out their site and blog. This site is for scrappers of all kinds, and the staff at Memory Scrapbooks offers a lot of great information and resources. I really enjoyed one of their more recent posts, titled “Idea: Make a Recipe Book” This post reminded me that my scrapbook pages don’t just have to be pictures of my son, husband and daily life – I can do anything I want with my creativity. Whether you follow the suggestion to make a recipe book or choose to just use the idea of using your scrap tools to do other projects – it’s always fun to be reminded of the many different ways our tools can be used.

Memory Scrapbooks also has a store, they focus on traditional projects and tools, but us digi-scrappers can convert these items into hybrid projects so be sure to check it out! I really like this Digital Photo CD Album What a great way for designers to back-up their designs in a very organized way (or to back up layouts, kits, projects etc)

So, if you are looking for some new ideas, want to shop for some traditional supplies or just need some time to kill stop over at Memory Scrapbooks and see what they have!

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  1. I made a 4x6 brag book of each kid for my parents and the inlaws for Christmas and bought the album to put them in from Memory Scrapbooks! They were pretty cheap and great quality! Exactly what I was looking for but couldn't find at the store and in my budget! :)


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