Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthday Bash Day 5: Contest

Here we are, at the end of the first week of Birthday fun! I have enjoyed WATCHING your answers and birthday wishes roll in the inbox I hope you all enjoyed your chances to win Steph and My new collab "And Many More" today we have a great chance (or maybe chances, hint hint) for you to win BOTH HALVES of the collab! And, everyone who has (and does) participate in our birthday question fun this week will receive a little giftlet from us via email this weekend too! (hint hint)

Here are the kits again....

Don't forget to send me your #47 pictures! You still have time to play along (See my post from Wednesday for more info) I am DESPERATE for more great pictures of my favorite number!
I have a few more layouts to show you, see Steph's team liked this kit so much that some of them did layouts with my part too and I have to show them off!

Layout by Guest Skribbler JAK

Layout by Guest Skribbler Juli

Layout by Guest Skribbler Kathy

Layout by Guest Skribbler mcstephens

Before I get into today's contest details, I want to remind you to stick around! Next week is freebie BLOWOUT BONANZA! You won't want to miss it! I have 5 brand new products to share with you FREE! But, you'll need to stop by my blog daily, because the linkies will be valid for one day only! Steph will also be sharing a week of freebies with you next week!

Today, for your chance to win both halves of And Many More we thought we'd double the workload - and the prize! So HOUSEWIVES take off your rubber gloves, and get ready to search for answers to TWO questions - the first answer is on my blog, to a question about Steph: What is Steph's guilty pleasure? and the second answer can be found on Steph's blog to this question about me: What is my favorite coffee beverage? A winner/s will be drawn to win the FULL COLLAB! That's right folks, both parts - a huge birthday kit for one or more of you! But you have to answer both questions!

Good luck! (Steph isn't always up as early as I am, so the answer to the question about me may not be posted quite yet - so be sure to check back! Remember, all participants will get an email from us this weekend with a little something inside!

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