Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Feliz Cumpleanos Day 3! {Contest}

Hola! Well, we've had two winners so far, and como minimo tres to go! I hope you guys are liking what you see. Don't forget to stick around for the rest of the month - we've got even more fun up our digital sleeves!

Congrats to all of you who found my favorite number hidden on Steph's blog yesterday! te amo el numero 47! Congrats to Jennifer Cuevas, I will email you in a bit! (26 was also a good guess, since it's the number in my kit preview - but that's just my age!) It's a pretty straightforward story to how it all began, and I'll share - I often get weird looks when I tell people my favorite number because it's so strange. I like to be a little different - so way back when in sixth or seventh grade a friend asked us what our favorite numbers were. One friend said cuatro (4) and another said siete (7) - so I said cuarenta y siete (47)! Since that day, the number has haunted me! It's been lucky for me (if I get a raffle ticket that ends in 47, I usually win), it pops up everywhere - my home phone number has a 47 in it, my husbands cell phone has it, the house we moved into had it multiple times in the address, I see signs with it all over the place...and it haunts my friends too! I had a friend who went to Ireland and it popped up all over and she sent me pictures - which I loved!

So, I decided that i would toss in a bonus contest (along with your chance to win Steph's part of our kit "y muchas mas")! Anyone who sends me a photo with the number 47 in it by Friday will get a nice coupon to my store! (You can take a picture of something with the #47 in it or on it or, if you can't think of anything - you can make me a pretty picture of my favorite number!) Email your images to

I was going to share some CT layouts today, but this post is already getting long so I guess they will wait until manana!

To win Steph's part of And Many More (the reason you're here today) answer this question: What is Steph's favorite kind of ethnic food? (the answer is on my blog) and email your reply to we will choose one correct answer to win her half of the kit - and stop back tomorrow for another chance to win my kit!

Hasta Manana Amigos!

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