Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Child's Journal: Super Easy Hybrid Project

Hybrid is getting out there more and more, I'm even starting to do more with it now that my printer is working! Today I wanted to share the world's easiest hybrid project with you: Child's Journal.

Supplies Needed: 

From Apple to Zebra Writing Practice
Paper Cutter (or scissors)

Step 1: Print a few copies of the "NS_AtoZ_WP_Story_Landscape" file
Step 2: Cut in half (5 1/2 inches) 
Step 3: Give 1 sheet to the child, along with markers/crayons and ask them to write (or draw) something they did that day. You can adjust this for any age. My son is 5 and we're working on lowercase letters so he tells me what he wants to write, and I write it out, using lowercase letters when he knows them. He copies it onto his journal page and draws a matching picture. Younger kids could draw a picture and mom/dad could fill in the journaling...etc) 
Step 4: Be sure to add the date! (My son is also practicing numbers, so I let him do this too) 
Step 5: File the page away! Do this daily or weekly and end up with a fantastic memento of your child's life from their point of view! 

My son Adam and I have been doing journal pages daily since the second week of January. By now he is just as excited to do them as I am. It's a great way for me to help him practice his writing and creativity. It's also a great activity for him to work on while I am cleaning or prepping dinner. Here are some of his pages. 



I'd love to see what your kids create, if you decide to try a super easy hybrid Child's Journal!

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