Friday, February 1, 2013

On Bended Knee

Back in 2007, my husband proposed to me on February 1. 2 days after my birthday, and 2 weeks before Valentines Day. Perfect timing. Our proposal story is simple, I sent him to the grocery store for yogurt. He came home with yogurt and roses. While I was getting the flowers in a vase, he dropped to one knee, right there in our kitchen and proposed. It was perfect. Private and wonderful. I hope your proposal story is just as perfect, and if you want to scrap that memory - new or old - this is the perfect kit. On Bended Knee is soft, sweet and romantic. Filled with bits to help you remember that magical moment when he (or she) asked the big question "Will You Marry Me?"

I love what the Skribblers & guest Skribblers did with this kit too - check out these amazing layouts! 


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