Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Birthday Bash: Happy Hour

I am the first to admit that Happy Hour is my favorite hour! I love a good glass of wine or a nice cold beer, good conversation, good company and time to unwind! Whether it's at home or out with friends or cuddled up with my wonderful husband - happy hour is a good hour! Tomorrow, I turn 30 - and you can bet I'll be enjoying a very happy hour celebrating with my husband (and kids, though they'll be sipping apple juice)! As excited as I am for the next decade of my life, 30 is scary for me - so it might be more of a bottle than a glass of wine ;) but that's just between you and me)! 
So, in celebration of happy hours - Happy Hour is my choice for 75% savings today!
and, to make it happier - here is your freebie!


  1. Thank you! Hope you celebrate your birthday with at least 1 Happy Hour.

  2. Hope you've had a great birthday month! Thanks for all the freebies ... & may the rest of the year be terrific!


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