Monday, September 22, 2008

BOM Challenge 4

The 4th Challenge (Yes, I'm jumping around, challenge 3 is going to take some research) 


Which schools did you attend from Grade 1 through 12? Was it the same school or did you change schools frequently (like me)? Did you love or hate school? Do you have fond memories of any of your teachers? Who were your best friend/s at school - do you still keep in tough with them? Were you involved in any extra-curricular activities? Were you bullied? Were you a bully? Were you a nerd or with the "in" crowd? Any really horrid moments? Happy moments? 

My Take:

The Journaling (I added some doodles throughout, if you're wondering what the weird looking spots are, to make it look more like my notes actually did.): The first day of school was exciting. It started with new clothes, a new backpack and a family picture, it set off the new year in an exciting manner. It aws a tradtion in our family since I started school in 1988 until I graduated (and after) in 2008. I started pre-school in 1988 at Our Redeemer Lutheran school. From my first day here, I loved school. In Kindergarten my favorite thing was to put on shows for the moms and dads and to practice my reading. When I started first grade I was at Locust Lane Elementary and had perfect attendance my first year! I spent the next few years in the same class as my then best friend Lisa. Locust Lane had a tunnel of love on the playground, and everyone in our 4th grade class got to get married. I was lucky and got to marry  Chris Leinenkugel. The summer before 5th grade we moved and I attended Stilson Elementary and Chippewa Falls Middle School. In 6th grade I joined the diving team and volleyball team, but these activities were short lived as halfway through 6th grade we moved again, this time further, to Minnesota. I started at Oak Point Intermediate. I only had a half of a year at this school, but met my friend Chelsea, so I consider it successful! I then moved to Central Middle School for 7th and 8th grade grade. I joined Central Singers and Odyssey of the Mind, while I was there. In 1998 I started High School at Eden Prairie High, I was overly involved here the Speech Team, Prayer Group, touch football, Drama Club, planning committees, post secondary classes and more. In high school I started going to dances and more school activities too. My senior year was extra fun ] as the captain of the speech team I got to give a lot of speeches at school and outside of the school for presentations. By the time I graduated, I was so busy I didn’t know what to do with all the free time I had! School was a great time of my life. I really enjoyed my education and the experiences I had.

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