Saturday, September 20, 2008

BOM Challenge 2

The Second Challege

"This week requires a little research - use your favourite search engine to find out the meaning of your name or go along to your local library (when last did you enter the hallowed halls of a library?) and research the meaning of your name. Do you like your name? Do you think that the meaning of your name somehow reflects a little bit of who you are? How did your parents select your name - is there a romantic/funny/endearing/strange story behind the selection of your name? If you could change your name which name would you choose? Tell the story. You do not necessarily need to put any photos on this page – you are merely documenting the story of your name."

My take:

The journaling reads: 

Amanda means Worthy of Love, I find this incredibly accurate - I fought through so many bad relationships to find loving ones, both with fathers and partners. My name wasn’t decided until I was born, my mom and biological father gambled with my name: if I was born in the morning I would be Amanda, if I was born in the afternoon I would be Desiree. I am so thankful I was a morning baby, I am so not a Desiree! The middle name was never a debate, it was always to be Marie, a family name. Marie itself means bitter sea, but is a variation of Mary which simply means bitter. You won’t find many that call me Amanda though, I usually go by Manda, which has different meanings. The Indian meaning is river while the Spanish meaning is Battle Maid. My maiden name, L---- means “of the sea” while my married name, K-------, means Innkeeper. I haven’t always liked my name - in fact, I have gone by so many variations of Amanda/Marie and even tried mixing in other names to escape it. I think it was just too popular, there were five Amanda’s in my first-grade class. I guess if you don’t think of me as a lovable, battle-maidesque, water adoring innkeeper, then you just don’t know me at all!

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