Friday, September 19, 2008

Book of Me

For the past two years, I have subscribed to Scrappers Guide. I get monthly lessons for Photoshop Elements, a monthly digital scrapbooking kit and weekly tips and tricks. In the past two years, I have used bits and pieces of these kits and lessons for very, very minor projects - not for their purpose, and I am disappointed in myself. I decided to pay for this subscription each year to give myself a digital creative outlet, and have failed. Until today. Today I came across Tracy's Charmed Life. A couple of months ago she started a year long challege - A Book of Me (BOM). Basically, every two weeks she issues a challenge, my job is to create a one-to-two page scrapbook layout based around the challenge. After about a year, I will have a book all I was hooked after reading this! With the wedding over, and a little more spare time on my hands I can finally focus on a goal I've had while completing a fun project. So thanks Tracy for this opportunity, I look forward to catching up and working through this challenge! 

Being 7 challenges behind, I have some catching up to do - Tracy suggests starting with the most current challenge and doing one additional one until caught up, but I thought it was important to start with the basics, and the first challenge to get me rolling. From here I can jump around until caught up. So, here you go - the first page of my BOM.


"Introduction to me

This is a brief introductory page about you and must include a recent photo of yourself (eeek). I like to call this a quick "CV" or "brief description of you" page as we will go into much more detail during the course of the next year. This page must reflect who you are at a glance - use colours and embellishments to describe you, along with the words."

The journaling reads: 

i am: a wife, a mother, a daughter, a friend, a sister, a granddaughter, a co-worker, a lover, a listener, creative, a dreamer, a reality tv addict, intelligent, busy, tired, employed by the leukemia & lymphoma society, obsessed with purple, a chocolate lover, an alright chef, a newlywed, a blogger, a planner, an aquarius, adopted, a scrapbooker, a designer, a lover of chick flicks and disney channel movies, a country music fan, a cat owner, in love with sweets, an alright driver, easily distracted, a shopping addict, bad with money, learning, growing, twenty-four, beautiful, funny, a secret keeper, a leader and a follower, a wanna-be gardener, a wanna be home owner, not witty, not a big sports fan, imaginative, fun, silly, still a child at heart. i am Manda

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