Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Letter

Dear School Picture Photographer,

This week the school pictures you took of my three-year-old son at his day care came in. You know the boy who always has a snotty nose and won't sit still for more then a minute without food or his favorite show (which varies from week to week)? He's the kid who runs away from me everytime I pull out the camera and refused to look cute for the lens. Anyways, the second I pulled those pictures out of the envelope, I smiled from ear to ear and became "that mom." The mom who is running up to other parents shoving the pictures of my kid under their noses saying "look how cute my kid is!"

The pictures you managed to snap of my little man are perfect. You did a great job either getting him to sit still or making him laugh and just merely capturing a moment in time. However you got him to pose to look so adorably handsome in all of his pictures I will never know, but thank you. Thank you for taking the extra time with my son to capture the perfect picture for me to remember how he looked when he turned three.


A very satisfied customer

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