Saturday, September 27, 2008

BOM Challenge 7

(I had a hard time with this challenge, not for a lack of items to include, but because I have never scrapped so many things onto one page. I created 2 1/2 pages - and am still not entirely happy. We'll see, I have to put it away for now, but I may come back to this one...)

The Challenge: {##} THINGS I LOVE ...
For the next two weeks you are going to explore more about your personality - the things that you love (not LIKE, but LOVE) essentially say alot about who you are. You may wish to just use words or pictures to describe your loves (not necessarily photos) but it is as usual, entirely up to you how you represent your favourite things I was thinking that perhaps you could choose the number of "things" that you love according to your age OR you may wish to choose a random number of things, even an odd number if that is what blows your hair back .... I have BUT ONE stipulation - that you choose 21 or more "things" at the least.

Bonus: Include your top 10 dislikes

My Take 1: (The color isn't enough, and I feel like the dislikes almost draw more attention...)


My Take 2: (I love the border, it's the middle I'm having issues with...we'll see what happens!)


My Take 2.5: (I like this. It's just hard to get all the images into the heart and it gets really too crowded on the page)

things love

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