Friday, October 24, 2008

We're They're Favorite Girls!

Tuesday night this week was a trip back to the 80's and early 90's as I headed out to see the New Kids on the Block for my first time! I was a young'n when they first started, and just a little older then that when they broke up...too young to attend a concert but I remained a fan for years before I finally took down my Joey poster.

It was fantastic! I was a little surprised how quickly it all came back to me, and I felt like a teenager boppin' along and screaming my little heart out. They did a great job mixing the old stuff (which is what we were there for) with their new stuff, and even sang their solo songs from when they were broken up. So fun and so worth it, plus now I can check one more thing off of my "always wanted to do" list!

Enjoy a couple of pictures while the lyrics to "The Right Stuff" float through your head. Oh you know your thinking it!

OMG! There they are!

Always nice when the come to the middle of the room, give everyone an up close and personal view.

Two happy girls!

Before the encore, we tried to guess what song they'd sing. I guessed Step by Step, she guessed Hangin' Tough. We were both right!

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