Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ya know, I can move that for you.

Our refridgerator has been leaking. An annoying stream of water pouring from the little white box in the back flooding my vegetable drawer and causing us to eat soggy carrots. The maintenance guy came out, did his thing, fixed the problem all while moving the refridgerator apprioximately one inch further away from the counter then it had previously been. Now, the move didn't bother me, it was the streaks of nastiness I saw running down the side of the machine to the floor, the streaks that had previously been hidden by the counter.

Last night I wiggled and manuevered and squished the sponge into the tiny space to try and disolve away this nastiness, after watching for a few minutes, my loving husband said "Ya know, I can move that for you."

WHY had I never thought of that before, in three years I have never once cleaned under and around my refridgerator. I guess I just never thought of it as a "movable" obeject.

So my manly man slide the giant white box out revealing not only the full extent of the streaks down the side, but the floor underneath.

So ladies, next time you start spring cleaning, get your man to slide that big, cold-keeping box out of the way, it's amazingly satisfying to know that underneath it, it shines.

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