Saturday, November 1, 2008

I Miss Being a SAHM

An unplanned day off last Thursday allowed me to remember what it was like in my pre-working mom days...albeit, my son was at I wasn't exactly playing mom. Regardless, I realized how much I miss being able to really take care of my home and myself.

My day consisted of the following (in no particular order), not super relaxing (or fun), but a much needed and enjoyed day.

Wake up and take the little one to day care
Make coffee, check email and read blogs
Sort laundry, and start a load
Pop outside and pull out flowers and clean patio, pack it up for winter.
Vacuum the house, clean windows, dust...pick up toys from around the place
Design and print Holiday Party Invitations, do a few other little projects on the computer
Run to storage unit to take a box and toys for storage
Eat lunch, watch the Tyra show
Prep dinner
Make Snickerdoodles
Mor laundry
Change sheets on beds
Pick up more random toys
Meet husband at Honda so he could get an oil change
Run to Target

It was a busy day, but man did I enjoy a day out of the office, but more then that, my day at home. I look forward to a time when I can spend more time at home and less time going crazy over work and social commitments. Or maybe it was just the alone time I needed...

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