Friday, December 12, 2008

Sure is quiet around here...

For most of my working life, I have been in the retail world. This means that as December approaches, the work load increases, often to the point of insanity. When I switched gears and began working in an office setting, things shifted and I have found that December is a quiet month. Each day it more and more of the staff are taking off for the the Holidays. My already small office of 20 is currently at 12, and by next week will be at about 8 (the week after that 2!). Afternoons are especially quiet - people sneak in half days and long lunches (probably to finish shopping!. The phones don't ring and there are no emails to reply to. There are no events going on this time of year, so no planning or wrap up to take care of. The only thing on my plate for the next week is to write some notes in holiday cards for participants. WooHoo. (and we really need to get these in the mail ASAP)! Most people would probably cheer for a day as slow as mine are, but it's terrible. The minutes feel like hours and even the internet is starting to seem...boring!

It's funny though - as quiet as it is around the office, my home life is just the opposite. With shopping to finish, gifts to wrap, events to attend, friends to squeeze in, Holiday programs and more it's hard enough to do the things that never change like laundry and dishes.

What's it like in your work place? Do you have a quiet month - how do you fill the hours at work with nothing to do?

I guess I'll go clean out my desk. Again.

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