Thursday, December 11, 2008

Deck The Halls...

Every year I look forward to the day we decorate the Christmas tree. I love nothing more then pulling out the ever-growing box of ornaments and remembering what used to be as they go on the branches. Each one tells a story...brings back a memory and makes me smile.

As long as I can remember, each Christmas our stockings contained a new toothbrush, candy, a few fun objects and an ornament. These ornaments weren't just anything, they were always reminecent of something from the year. A favorite hobby, a character or a major life event. My brothers and I loved to dig for the ornaments first, to see what memory from the past year had caught the attention of our parents enoughso they found it to be ornament worthy. There was the year of the Power Rangers (I was the pink one), the year I got my rose in dance (5 years) I got a ballet slipper ornament, they year we got our drivers liscenses (a liscense plate)...etc.

I have decided to carry this tradition on with my family. (Although, as we get older the ornaments become more about being a fun ornament and less about the other stuff...) I love going into all the stores this time of year and looking for the perfect ornament for my son. This year it's a blown glass star featuring none other then Mickey Mouse. For my husband, it's typically a moose ornament - and for me, just about anything will do these days. (Although I have been searching high and low for a "just married" type ornament with no luck)

I can only hope that my children love this tradition as much as I do...and if not, I'll still be able to look back over their lives each holiday season as we decorate our tree.

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