Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today was the day,,,

Well, I had my interview today for the Campaign Coordinator position I applied for and really got mixed feelings after my interview was over. Expecially when they asked if it would be OK to let my manager know that I had applied for another position. The interview itself went well, and I was feeling pretty confident as it ended...but as the day went on, less and less so.

I guess these are the disadvantages of applying for an internal position - I know what's going on. For example, this morning I was the last interview they had scheduled (1 of 2) which I took to be a good thing, then today I was looking at the calendar and more have been scheduled in the next week - including one of the interviewers coming in on a day off for an interview. Probably not a good sign that they are scheduling more interviews after meeting with me.

It's just a waiting game now, and that's all I can do. It will probably be January before I hear anything with the holidays coming up (I'm out starting next Tuesday). It's just going to make for a long few days in the office and a long few weeks until I hear...

Cross your fingers for me.

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