Friday, April 3, 2009


EDIT: I use a MAC - which seems to be causing the issues for PC users. I guess if you drag the files into a new folder, they should work fine. If a PC user wants to write up a tutorial for how to do this, I will offer a GC to my store to that person. If I get multiple tutorials, I will choose the best written one and that person will win. I don't have a PC to use to write a good step-by-step for you guys, so I am counting on you! Thanks for your help. (Note: The tutorial will also be posted in the Stuff to Scrap Forum)

Edit 2: Thanks to TheMommason: I hope this helps some of you!
To get the files out of a zipped folder that gives the error (folder already exists) in windows explorer
* Click on the zipped file in the left hand nested list of files in the file content window the right side of the windows explorer area you will see the folders in the zipped file
* Click on the folder to open it in the right side click the first file hold down the shift and click the last file in the list drag or copy paste into a folder in your left side folder nested list.

Make sure to check all folders if you do not have a MAC do not copy over the Mac OSX files.

End Edit

I got a comment today telling me that my files cannot be extracted once downloaded, has anyone else had this problem? The files in question are: Hello Easter Word Art, Relay for Life QP, Fairy Tale Wedding Word Art. Please comment here if you have had any problems. I'm assuming it's a fluke, since I have had hundreds of downloads of these files with only the one issue...but maybe I'm wrong thanks for your help!

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