Saturday, August 22, 2009

I can't believe it's been a year! A wonderful, wonderful year of marriage! I'm still not used to the new last name, and have to think twice before responding to the "Mrs. Krueger's" I hear around but I'm sure eventually, I won't even remember being a Miss....

A few weeks ago, I joked with Mike that we should make each other gifts, since the first anniversary is known as the "paper" anniversary. Of course, I made him something - and he surprised me and made me something too (despite his bad attitude about it back then!)

I thought I'd share his gift first, then mine!

Mike digi-scrapbooked a page of wedding pictures for me! It's just the right size for the computer desktop screen too! Not only did he make a gift for me, but he took the time to explore my #1 hobby and created something I will always cherish! I love what he wrote on it too - "The first of many happy years together... husband and wife... ...and soulmates..."

I took a slightly different direction with my gift. Over the last year I have been jotting down reasons that I love Mike. From his wonderful eyes, to the days he packs my lunch for me and everything in between. I had my handwriting made into a font, and typed them all up, cut them into pieces and stuck them in a cookie jar! I found this adorable monkey and decorated him to make him a love monkey - now, every day Mike can pull out a reason I love him and hopefully it will put a big smile on his face! Here's Mr. Love Monkey, the reasons inside are between Mike and I!

Happy First Anniversary to us!


  1. Happy anniversary!! I celebrated my first year with my hubby back in april.. I made him a gift too - I used a deck of cards, turned it into a book [hole punch + HUGE keyrings] and put 52 reasons whyI loved him and then the joker pages I used and gave him a little note of love at the end. I didn't get anything for my first anniversary. =o\ That's really awesome that your hubby got on and made you a digi-scrap page.. it's really good too!! =o)

  2. Happy Anniversary to you & the Mr. !!

  3. Oooooooooohhhh!!! You two are so sweet you made tears come to my eyes. Happy Anniversary! My husband and I celebrated 22 years last week. That'll be the day my dh ever scraps, but at least he puts up with my doing it. :0)

  4. JulieBee in Iowa USAAugust 23, 2009 at 9:31 PM

    Happy Anniversary to both of you! What a lovely idea you had with your love monkey. LOL. I love it. My husband and I also celebrated our 22nd anniversary last week. I didn't even manage to get a card made for him. :( I'll try to make it up to him on his birthday in November...


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