Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CT Call, New Store and Winners!

Application deadline: March 10

Woohoo! I had such fun reading the comments on my guess my store contest! I have to say sorry to those of you who thought Ginger Scraps because of the capitalization in the title of the post, I didn't even know I did that until someone pointed it out, silly me! Throwing you off! Those of you who guessed Digital Scrapbooking Studio aka theStudio...you're right! My store officially opened today, with some fun grand opening stuff coming this weekend :D!

Congrats to my two winners
Blog Winner
who said...my guess: digital scrapbooking studio

Facebook Winner
who said...the Studio!!

Watch your inboxes gals!

That being said, the new store is officially open, though a little sparse! I'm slowly getting some older stuff back in there, anything in particular you want to see in my new stores?

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  1. When I went back and looked at your post, I figured it was theStudio, but I thought I'd leave my guess of GS just in case! Congrats on the new store and I can't wait to see new products!


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