Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Help me pick!

I know, here I am bugging YOU to help ME again! But, hopefully you'll find this one fun! When I closed my store at STS, most of my products went with it. I am slowly trying to get some into my new stores, but not all of them! I thought it would be fun to bring back a few of my older products and do a spring cleaning sale with them - but you need to tell me what YOU want to see. Are there any of my kits you missed out on? Anything you meant to grab but didn't? Let me know! Here's what I would like - go check out this album here and see old previews of some of my stuff - leave a comment on the items and let me know if you want to see it back for a short time on sale, or if it's something you really think should be in my store full time! Alright, I'll be back later with a new release!


  1. hmm, do you really have to choose? I love it all. i didn't see flutterby. love strawberry fields, rainbows (from rainy days &) and ALL templates!

  2. Anyone who doesn't have On the Ice needs to get it, and I really like Merry Christ-moose... I love all your stuff, actually!

  3. I really like Kite's and Bike's and Strawberry Fields. The rainbows one is great too!


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