Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Wishes & In Review: Holiday

After you check out this new release, scroll down to snag my part of the Christmas Carol Blog Hop!

This kit is up there as one of my favorites that I've designed. I love the colors and the feel of this Christmas kit. I hope you enjoy it as well! Be sure to pick it up this week, on sale, at theStudio

And of course, the Bundle

(If you like that certificate in the middle of the bundle, hurry to my Facebook page because from now until Christmas, you can get the "Good List" certificate free!)

The Skribblers had fun with this one too! 

Ginger x2


 Rolaine x2

I also have a new template in the In Review series....it's called In Review: Holiday and I can't wait to scrap this Christmas with this template! It has room for up to 45 holiday photos! It can be a ton of fun to embellish it as well...and for those of you using Storybook Creator....you'll be thrilled to hear it's also available in .PAGE format! (More of my templates will be available in page format soon! Watch here for an announcement when they are all loaded in my store)!

Check out the stunning layout Mercedes did with this template! 

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  1. This is just SO great! So many memories can be packed into this great template. Thank you!


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