Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Did It!

I can't even tell you how many times I have attempted, and failed and then given up on a P365, P52, 12 on 12 type project. A lot. Too many. But then, last January I got a (new) iPhone. These fancy devices have CAMERAS in them people! Imagine that, a camera with me everywhere I go, all the time, no matter what - because I do NOT leave home without my phone. A little research, and I found the right App - Photo365 - it allows me to select a photo from my camera roll, or take one right through the app, and it automatically inserts it into a little calendar. At the end of the month, I can save the calendar, post it to various social media sites and enjoy looking at a month of memories! There are other features (you can caption, insert multiple photos per day etc. But these features don't show up on the month at a glance view, which is what I like about the App. Ok, enough. I'm not here to sell you an app, I get nothing if you buy it - the people behind the app have no idea who I am. 

Oh, the best part, this app REMINDS me everyday at 1pm to take a photo, and the annoying red dot stays on the app until I open it up to add that day's photo. I can't forget. 

But, I wanted to share that you don't need any fancy scrapbook tools, no kits or collections, no big fancy do a P365 type thing. Sure, I'll probably (eventually) do a layout with these pictures. Maybe. Or Maybe not. Maybe I'll just keep them, and look at them and remember 2012 at a glance, one month at a time! 



  1. My phone makes it so much easier to do a P365! I upload all mine to a blog a few times a week, with notes or important things I want to remember and then it's all there if I want to go back and scrap it, whether that's next week or next year.

    Congrats on doing the whole year!!

  2. Wow, what a fabulous app .. thanks for highlighting it!! I just bought it and can't wait to start taking pics .. I think the first one will be of the dishes still waiting to be done!!! :)


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