Thursday, May 22, 2008

So I cry, big deal!

I cry. A lot. I cry when I am angry, sad, frustrated, tired, cranky, emotional, overwhelmed, happy and stressed. I cry at weddings, during movies, when I see little babies. I cry. A lot.

Normally, I don't care that I'm a crier - it's a great release of whatever emotion is building up inside of me and it feels good. But lately, I've been crying over things that I shouldn't even care about! For example, this morning I was listening to the radio and a woman won $10,000(!). They asked her what she was going to do with her money and she said "Next year is my husband and my 25th anniversary - we never got to take a honeymoon, now we can afford to go to Hawaii like we've always wanted." I started sobbing!

After I wiped off my mascara stained cheeks - I started thinking I can't be the only crazy person out there! So here's the question: Have you ever cried for a stranger?

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