Friday, June 20, 2008

Oh, the government...

In just 2 short months, a married woman I will be. That being said, it's about time our invitations headed out of our home and into the hands of our friends and family. So, yesterday (advice from many brides before me) I headed out to get my babies hand-canceled and in the mail. I went to multiple post offices:

Post Office One: (Older man) "I am sick of brides who think that the entire system should revolve around their wants. I refuse to hand cancel another frilly invitation." (My thoughts: Oh man! I wouldn't want this guy touching my invitations to begin with - they'd never see the light of day again!)

Post Office Two: (Young man) "I'm sorry, we stopped hand canceling things after September 11 (what?). We don't even have a hand stamp available. Me: How do you cancel stamps on odd sized packages and envelopes? Him" "With this hand stamp." (My thoughts: Uh...contradiction anyone? He obviously wasn't interested in helping me out, as he had called the next person up before I could say anything. Sigh, off to the next branch)

Post Office Three: (A nice older woman. Note, this is a large central hub branch) "I'm sorry sweetie, we don't offer that service at this location. Although, we do offer it as a whole. Usually a small office in a quiet area will be able to assist you - or stop by a little store that offers postal services. Good luck." (My thoughts: Finally, hope! A chance! Note to self: If you can't find anyone to do it, you trust that this woman would get them in the mail safely.)

Final Post Office Four: (Another nice, older woman (see any patterns?) "[loudly] I like chocolate chip cookies! (What?) [softly] I am usually alone at the counter from 12-12:30. Bring them in then, and as long as there are less then 50 I will get them done for you. [loudly] Sorry sweetie (wink)." (My thoughts: Does she seriously want cookies? Is that bribery? Is that legal? Is she going to get fired? Store bought or homemade cookies? I don't have time to make cookies! Oh well, hand canceled tomorrow at noon it is!)

So, four seperate post offices - four seperate answers. Four very different people who all move at the pace of a snail. But, at the end of the day - I think I'll get what I want and none of them uttered the dreaded "B" word! (Bride-zilla).

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