Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hidden Dirt.

After my experience the other day with the refrigerator, I have decided that there are other spaces in my home that I had previously deemed "uncleanable". Either I figured they were too tricky to get too, or too much work and not important enough to deal with. These spaces are now on my short list to be scrubbed, dusted and buffed to a state of cleanliness.

These spaces include (but are not limited to):

  • Inside the vents, especially the vents stuck behind things, they are probably extra dusty

  • Under and around the washer and water heater

  • Under the hood above the stove

  • Under the stove

  • Under the bed

  • Under the sinks (kitchen and two bathrooms)

  • The top shelf (of what you ask, of everything. I tend to only dust as high as I can see.

    I'm sure there are more hidden places....don't worry, I'll find them!

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