Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Love Letters

Question #58: For the next 25 days, if you could share one word each day that Christmas (& December) means to you...what would they be. (slightly edited)

In no particular order:

1. Family
2. Decorations
3. Cookies & Treats Galore
4. Shopping
5. Celebration
6. A time to remember
7. Snow
8. Tradition
9. Spirit
10. Secrecy
11. Good food
12. Friends
13. Sharing
14. Busy - Non-stop - Go! Go! Go!
15. New things/toys
16. Hot Cocoa and Blankets
17. Santa Clause
18. Good behavior
19. Lots of presents
20. Grandpa Bruce
21. New pajamas
22. Lots of memories (often brought on by ornaments on the tree)
23. Pictures
24. Christmas Carols...especially when you sing for me!
25. Love - seen in unique ways this time of year...from that special package under the tree to a clean windshield in the morning, love is all around.

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