Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Winter Weather

My commute to work on a daily basis is not much fun. I drive 22 miles, one way - mostly freeway, which means mostly traffic. I head in a little early everyday to avoid the morning rush hour and can usually make it in about 30 minutes. The drive home takes longer, since rush hour lasts a lot longer, and is done in about 40-45 on a normal day.

However, winter weather often delays traffic and it takes longer from December-March. I was unprepared for the weather situation yesterday though! I left about 15 minutes early, to allow for slightly heavier traffic since it was snowing - this means I was on the road at 3:45. At about 5:30 I called Adam's grandma and asked her to rush to the daycare to get him before late fees started piling on at 6. I finally made it to her place to pick him up around 6:30. I was cranky and tired. My husband was home sick with the flu, and as I had been sick the previous day - there was a lot to be done around the house. I worked my tail off getting a late dinner out, trying to get some dishes and laundry done and at least feel like my home was slightly normal.

This morning, I expected a few minutes of delays - but my normal 30 minute communte took nearly an hour and a half!

If you are bad at math (like me) that is just over 4 hours of driving in 2 trips to work. I love the way snow looks balanced on the branches of naked trees and bushes, but keep it off the roads!

I am extra tired and cranky today - I blame the traffic situation for that and hopefully I will make it home in a reasonable amount of time tonight and enjoy some quite time in front of the TV.

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