Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Website Wednesday: A Challenge

Today's Website Wednesday is less about the site and more about the man behind it and his inspiring journey and challenge to all.

Last week, I had the opportunity to work with Chris Ayers at our local Blood Cancer Survivor Night put on by my office. Chris is a leukemia survivor himself, and has challenged himself to draw a picture every day. He started these images on the one-year anniversary of his diagnosis and has not missed a day. May 12 was day 1,138 - and he's still going strong! His pictures are amazing as is his story.

During his presentation at our event, he challenged everyone in attendance to take on a challenge. Do something everyday for yourself. Find something you love doing and make the time for it. Chris shared stories of days he was sick, days he was so tired he just wanted to climb into bed and days he had climbed into bed, only to awaken at 11:55 remembering he had a drawing to do! He hasn't let anything stop him from drawing every day. It's a reminder for him of what he loves to do and a reminder of a life that he could have lost, had it not been for organizations like The Luekemia & Lymphoma Society who put money into research for new medications to help people like Chris survive.

Check out Chris's Web site, take a look at some of his drawings from The Daily Zoo and then think about accepting the challenge. What can you do every single day for yourself?

For me, this year it's my project 365 - I think I'll continue each year with a version of this project. It might not always be pictures - but something to remember each day by. What is your goal?

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